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vPeer is founded on a simple yet powerful concept

Mentors help us get better at career and life.

Success comes with access to education, resources, AND mentors.  vPeer team members know mentors were key in helping us overcome challenges - and now we are paying it forward.

vPeer Test Case. We matched educators in four different countries, and gave them tools to nurture professional development. Exciting Results - participants say they are growing as professionals, developing cultural competency, and changing their trajectory. Now vPeer is scaled to other professions. Be patient as we add more professions and users each week.

vPeer is high-quality virtual peer mentoring. This impacts our economy, our workforce, our families...and each of us.

Match – Meet – Mentor, and Make Greater Impact!

More than Connections and Friends

vPeer builds relationships to help you Make Greater Impact!



Find Peers Nearby or Around the Globe.

Find Peers Nearby or Around the Globe.

Your profile shares what you'd like to LEARN and what you can TEACH.


Build Your Network of Virtual Peers

Build Your Network of Virtual Peers

Discover peers nearby and across the globe to build your network of peers and mentors.


Make Greater Impact

Change Your Trajectory

Share Learn Bank resources, acquire ratings/mastery, and experience high-quality professional growth.

Meet the vPeer Team

Dr. Dilara SayeedFounder, Teacher, Adventurer.
Dr. Dilara Sayeed’s very first memories are from Head Start Preschool for low-income families and the Chicago Public Schools. These experiences fueled her belief that to succeed in life, we need access to education, resources...and great mentors that help us get there.

Dilara has gone from Head Start to Harvard. Her expertise as a teacher, civic activist, and entrepreneur has helped her understand how people learn and grow. She founded vPeer to pay it forward.

When not on her laptop, Dilara runs on roadways and kayaks on waterways - to explore our world.

James HasanChief Technology Officer
James' expertise lies in helping tech start-ups get their ideas underway, then moving them to MVP and through successful launch... and beyond. James leads the vPeer team of analysts and engineers – all who have extensive software backgrounds. He supervises vPeer needs analysis, project planning, platform architecture, and user experience.

James' career began with the launch of a dot-com in the early days of the web and, most recently, founded Devtree, a software development and strategy company. Outside of work, James strives to balance time with his family and partner in his wife's non-profit endeavors.

Subhaan AshrafiOperations and Marketing Director
In 2011, the entrepreneur, die-hard basketball fan, and high school junior known as SubTheGamer launched his own YouTube channel dedicated to playing and talking about sports video games. The then-teenager grew his audience to more than 270,000 subscribers (with 70 million views), ultimately launching a career with exclusive access to several companies including 2k. Subhaan is affiliated with the NBA and had a feature role in a NBA Finals commercial featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

Subhaan utilizes his experience in the digital realm to help vPeer by bringing value, insight, and top-tier performance. Beyond digital, Subhaan gives motivational talks around the country inspiring individuals of all ages, primarily the youth.

Cole AndersonCommunity Manager
Cole Anderson is a digital marketing expert and consultant specializing in the application of Google Analytics, Social Media, and Community Engagement. Cole is part of the vPeer operations team. He utilizes his expertise to strengthen partnerships, improve user experience, and collaborate with the press.

Cole built his career through valuable real-world experience. He has worked with finance companies, online survey tool providers, and non-profit organizations.

Cole has lived in many parts of the United States and appreciates the distinct regions in this county.