• Tell us areas you want to LEARN and TEACH

  • Work within your network to strengthen community

  • Use our algorithm to match with peers nearby or across the globe

  • Forum connects 1-to-Many, vGroups connect 1-to-Some, vPeers connect 1-to-1

  • Meet in person or by video technology

  • Be a Mentor, Peer, or Mentee

  • Post usable knowledge in the Learn Bank

  • Collect evidence for growth and performance

  • Be a valued thought-partner and make greater impact!

vPeer is founded on a simple yet powerful concept

Thought Partners and Peers

help us get better at career and life.

vPeer is virtual peer community building.
This impacts our economy, our workforce, our families… and each of us.

Great Training presentation today. I am in awe. It is great… to communicate with peers using vPeer.  Thanks again! 

L’Corine, vPeer Network User

We are all over the place with our remote culture. I wanted to develop a strong and comprehensive virtual community, but didn’t make it a priority. Now I will.

– Executive Director of an Illinois School

See for Yourself

75% of all successful people say they have mentors. The other 25% wish they did.
My mentor helped me get better and more culturally competent.
In a peer mentoring relationship, both can be teacher and student and are empowered to shape their learning.