vPeer is founded on a simple yet powerful concept

Thought Partners and Peers

help us get better at career and life

Dr. Dilara SayeedFounder and CEO

Dilara’s very first memories are of being a kid at Head Start Preschool for low-income families and Chicago Public Schools. From Head Start to Harvard, from teaching to senior leadership, and from non-profits to large corporations, Dilara’s experiences fuel her belief that success in career and life comes with access to education, resources…and great mentors that help us get there. She founded vPeer to pay it forward.

When Dilara is not working on refining the vPeer experience, she runs on roadways and kayaks on waterways – to explore our world and meet its amazing people.

James HasanChief Technology Officer
James’ expertise lies in helping tech start-ups get their ideas underway, moving them to MVP, through successful launch, and beyond to IPO. James leads the vPeer team of analysts and engineers – all who have extensive software backgrounds.
James supervises vPeer needs analysis, platform development strategy, platform architecture, and user experience.
Subhaan AshrafiOperations and Marketing Director
In 2011, the entrepreneur, die-hard basketball fan, and high school teenager known as SubTheGamer launched his own YouTube channel. He gained 270,000 subscribers playing and talking about sports video games!
Today, Subhaan utilizes his expertise in the digital realm and his strategic skills to lead vPeer’s operations and marketing.
John MisasiEnterprise Strategy Consultant
John Misasi’s career spans 30 years, focusing on revenue relationships with Fortune 1000 companies and specializing in enterprise opportunities.
John leads vPeer’s new business development pursuing forward-thinking enterprises that seek to build a stronger workforce development system, internal community, and company culture.
Sanah KhanProduct Manager
Sanah Khan has been leading teams and developing functional process using Lean and Agile methodologies for more than a decade. To any project or team joined, she adds enthusiasm, cheer and a history of achieving objectives with limited resources and timeframes. Sanah leads the work of providing vPeer users with the perfect mentoring experience.
Cole AndersonCommunity Manager
Cole Anderson is a digital marketing expert and consultant specializing in the application of Google Analytics, Social Media, and Community Engagement.
He utilizes his expertise to strengthen partnerships, improve user experience, and collaborate with the press.
Kimmy CamachoMarketing Intern
Kimmy is a marketing and art major at UIC. At school, Kimmy serves as the Marketing Director for The Undergraduate Women’s Network at UIC. In addition, Kimmy now works with the vPeer team as a marketing intern, utilizing her experience in social media, graphic design, content creation, and community building.

More than Followers and Connections

vPeer builds relationships for work, that work!



Join thousands of professionals

Share areas that you’d like to LEARN and what you can TEACH others.


Engage with Influencers and Peers

Build Your Network of Mentors, Peers, and Mentees

Meet in person nearby or via video across the globe


Make Greater Impact

Share Learn Bank resources and be thought-partners

Acquire ratings/mastery through high-quality professional growth.

75% of all successful people say they have mentors. The other 25% wish they did.
My mentor helped me get better and more culturally competent.
In a peer mentoring relationship, both can be teacher and student and are empowered to shape their learning.