During our check ins with clients and partners, we are marveling at how strong leaders and managers are strategizing on effective and productive settings for their team/network members in a changed world -during this crisis -and afterwards.

As an educator and entrepreneur, I’ve been thinking about “how we learn and improve” for two decades. The research is clear- settings for effective collaboration are key. And yes, virtual settings can facilitate this work as long as they provide all three below:

1. One-to-Many. Feeds or forums allow members to ask questions and share recommendations at a whole group level. This builds a system-wide culture of collective learning and growth.

2. One-to-Some. Projects and work flows require us to have small team settings critical to building trust among members who work together day-to-day or on specific initiatives.

3. One-to-One. Most learning and growth happens with individual thought partners and peers-and video is key here. 75% of successful people say they had mentors and thought partners. The other 25% say they wanted them, but could not find them. This crisis is not over. But it will be. And forward-thinking organizations are already pivoting towards success in how their teams work together virtually.

Dilara Sayeed, vPeer Team