We are scrambling to organize remote community-building and work settings; utilizing phone or video conferencing tools, emailing documents, and texting quick questions.
Teams across the globe tell us this is stressful; *Did he email that, put it on the shared drive, or text it to me? *Was she kidding- I can’t see her face to tell. *How do I take notes, look at my screen, and share a document- at the same time?
A talented Executive Director shared, “We are all over the place with our remote culture. I wanted to develop a strong and comprehensive virtual community, but didn’t make it a priority. Now I have to.”
Today, an organization’s strong and effective internal virtual community is not a nice-to-have, it is a must-have. And it will continue to be as we move forward, through and after this crisis.
Today, organizations that typically connect members via events or in person meetings must have a virtual peer-to-peer system in place as well.
I am co-founder of vPeer. We help organizations build learning and growth virtual peer – vPeer – systems for nonprofits, education organizations, and companies.
We are in this together. vPeer is waiving three months of subscription fees. Set up a demo to have an evidence-based, engaging system in place this week.
– Dr. Dilara Sayeed