SMBs and SMEs can now provide affordable regular upskilling tools to employees now that Coaching Apps are available on any device, any time – and the results are significant.

vPeer is honored to be named as one of the best coaching applications that give affordable access to mentors.

Official Article

By Archana Khatri Das

With access to free education on-line, it was only a matter of time that bespoke Coaching Apps entered the market.

With the constant need to upskill based on the rapid, and continual rise of emerging technologies disrupting nearly all sectors, learning and development is no longer a nice-to-have but a mandatory and on-going process for those who want to stay relevant in their industries.

According to Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017, ‘reinventing careers and learning’ was ranked number two in the order of priority for any business, with 83 per cent of companies rating it as important, while 54 per cent saying it was urgent.

“A recent Harvard Business Review’s analysis of different studies reported that ‘well-trained and satisfied employees’, resulted in businesses increasing their potential to grow an average of 31 per cent more in productivity and close up to 37 per cent more sales conversions.”

Coaching Apps are used to onboard employees, increase employee motivation and gives targeted and iterative feedback to increase employee performance.

Popular Coaching Apps on the Market offers tools that work with each organizational area, strengthening the communication loop from employee to manager to executive through real-time feedback.

Orai is a personal AI speech coach. It gives feedback on your use of filler words, pacing, energy level, pauses, and clarity in real-time.

Skill Pill provides bespoke, micro-learning content sourced from a vast catalogue of business literature.

Udemy features 85,000 courses from industry experts and thought leaders from around the world. It curates the 3,000+ freshest, top-rated courses from the Udemy marketplace, Udemy for Business to help companies stay competitive.

VoiceOps uncovers critical coaching opportunities in sales calls which is optimized for high-volume sales teams.

vPeer is virtual peer-to-peer mentoring platform built on three pillars: match, meet, and mentor. It connects participants from around the world based on areas where individuals want to learn and teach from each other.

Coaching Apps are rising in popularity largely due to the perception that the feedback loop is unbiased.

The Apps focus on delivering multi-modal material including; embedded documents, gamification through strategic storytelling or multi-player gaming, video content, quizzes, podcasts, infographics, exams and charts etc.

“According to a Merrill Lynch study, the efforts by developers to make coaching apps engaging has resulted in course completion rates outperforming all other modes of training. The close rate is 12 per cent higher compared to the same training delivered on a laptop. The training also takes place faster, in almost 30 per cent less time.”

The study also identified better learning outcomes on coaching apps were primarily due the mobile first principle, enabling the user to study anywhere, anytime. This resulted in learners increasing study time by 40 minutes more per week.

The training material on apps tends to remain more relevant as the material is centralised, making content audit and revision updates a major incentive for users to access up-to-date content.